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Bang Tango
Pistol Whipped In The Bible Belt



By Todd Jolicouer


Bang Tango – passé band from the 80’s metal scene? Hangers on to an era gone by? Neither of the above. This group of guys has stood the test of time, touring and enjoying the ride all the way to this newest release, and the first to feature the band that original member Joe Leste has built around him.


“Dick In The System” opens the disc in true Joe fashion. This song presents the raspy blues filled voice we have all come to know and love. The next track, “Suck It Up” is another song that is totally in the vein of classic Bang Tango. All I can say is that the road has done nothing but make Joe’s voice that much stronger when it comes to creating the Bang Tango sound. Let’s not forget the band. These two songs were played on their recent summer tour – they sound as crisp live as they do on the disc. “Our Way” has that familiar sound and swagger of a Bang Tango song. From the bass of Lance Eric (who has been with Joe seemingly forever) to the guitar riffs of Scott LaFlamme (who was recommended for the gig by Alex Grossi), the song is solid. Doesn’t hurt that time is being kept by Trent Anderson. This song chugs along and keeps the beginning of the disc honest. Next up is “Bring On The World.” This is another good song that continues the groove that began a few songs ago. This song is very familiar and will please most Bang Tango fans.


“Have You Seen Her” is Joe and company taking their turn at a ballad. Not that it is bad by any sense, but these guys are better at rockers. “Live Life” kicks off with Joe rapping. Trust me – if you listen to this and you have spent ANY time around Joe, this is Joe being himself. He is one of the most laid back guys you will ever meet. He takes nothing for granted and loves what he does. He has lived life. This song is the first departure from the cookie cutter that is Bang Tango. It is still familiar, but the riffs are different than most songs and definitely different than most form the past. Next comes “I Like It.” This song pleases. Again, a little different than older stuff, but stands its ground against most of the catalog – and I know the catalog. Lance and Joe once joked with me about me being the guy who bought THE copy of ‘From The Hip.’


“Boom Box Séance” is yet another song that doesn’t fit the Bang Tango mold, but the guys carry it off well. The real asset to this song is Joe’s familiar voice and rasp and a very different set of vocal touches. This is followed by “Drivin.” This song is a return to the classic Bang Tango sound. Actually, I feel this song could have been on their debut disc, it is that classic in its sound. Title track, “Pistol Whipped In The Bible Belt” has the bluesy groove we are accustomed to, but isn’t one of the stronger songs. It is rhythmic and will get the job done.


Overall, this is a great album. This one is good for all the old school fans to have in their collection, unlike some of the previous offerings from the band, but after seeing these guys live a few times in the past couple years, I would love to see them dial it up and make it their own. Keep the Bang Tango sound while bringing the fierceness of their live show to the studio.