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Released 2010

(Atlantic Records )


I was unfamiliar with this band until I found their link to a song trawling through the internet one evening, this album has totally blown me away and has already given me consideration of being in my top 10 albums for 2011. Although, this young five piece band from Illinois, Chicago has only been technically formed since early 2010 as ‘Bad City,’ they have a lot going for them with Atlantic records signing them to their label. The band takes its name from their experiences writing and recording the album in an unfavourable neighbourhood in the west side of Chicago.

Formed from the separation of the two original pop rock bands “Powerspace” and “Thee Armada” this album might not appeal to their original fan bases, but for anyone looking for an album that is truly rock, they can look no further. Let me reassure that this album is not a complete throwback to the ’80s though.

Bad City’s debut effort Welcome to the Wasteland is a great mix of pop & classic rock, thrown in are some catchy songs that is going to please a wide variety of music fans, especially the massive chorus’s and perfect harmonies. They have already been praised by Paul Stanley (KISS) stating that the album is “an absolute knockout and the best album I've heard in ages.” and Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins) describes the band as "a super fresh take on the Rock.”

The opening song “Showdown in Central Park” is a good opener for this album which has some great guitar riff’s and impressive chorus’s. “Take me for a ride” follows and this truly in my eyes, should have been the opener for the album. I must admit this is one of my favourite’s on the album, with its sing-a-long catchy chorus, cool riff’s and not forgetting the impressive official video, this song has ‘hit’ written all over it!

“Wildlife” is the first single from the album, pop metal at it’s finest, not one of my favourites I must admit. In my opinion, releasing one of the other records from the album would have been more appropriate. It’s a little more ‘heavier’ than some of the other songs on the album, but a fantastic guitar solo and nevertheless, still a cool song.

“Do you believe in Rock n Roll” begins with a 70’s feel with the Queen like vocals bellowing out at the start. This appealing song is an absolute for the rock/pop radio stations and you will continue to keep this tune in your head for a long time singing to it when least expecting to, again Josh Caddy’s vocals, as always, adds emphasis for this song.

The album continues to throw out some great guitar riffs and various catchy sleazy, pop/rock mixture’s of Bon Jovi, Smashing Pumpkins, KISS and Queen tunes. The album breaks up the pace and only mellows out momentarily to the power Ballard “Fire in the Pouring Rain.” which would encourage listeners to wave their lighters in the air.

The album then picks up immediately to “Call Paul Stanley” opening with an harmonica and a ‘Cheap Trick’ feel to it, I think it’s a great idea for the band to include one of their heroes into a song and again another fabulous tune.

Overall, I was very impressed with their solid first debut album, and I think you will be too! This album isn’t super heavy and has a mixture of sleazy, catchy, tunes that will bring joy to anyone who is having a ‘bad’ day. Bad City is well worth keeping an eye on and if they continue to tour with the ‘Big Bands’ and be exposed to the right market, they will eventually adapt and build a solid following which will enable them to go far in the future!

I would encourage anyone to listen to this album, well done lads! a much deserved album and good luck with the future albums!

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