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Album launch
Rocket Room, Perth (26/3/11)

By David Carruthers


Babyjane have done a lot of hard work and travelled thousands of miles over the last three years to get their debut album “Are You Listening” ready and now is the time for that hard work to pay off.


The Sure Fire Midnights


David was a little late getting to the show, so Shane Rockpit states the case for The Sure Fire Midnights - Perth's hardest rocking girls have had a hiatus of late, but when they took to the stage it was apparant that a few months off the circuit has only fired them up, and tonight the Sure Fires were tighter, better, rockinger as they ran through a set of covers (AC/DC's 'Walk All Over You' was a highlight), goldies like 'Sure Fire' and newies like the eagerly awaited (though not even yet recorded) single 'Too Hot 4 Love'.


Back to David...


I did get there in good time to catch late additions to the show Stone Circle. This was the second time I’d seen these guys and it definitely won’t be the last. I’ve not heard any of their album which was released this month but from seeing these guys perform live I can’t wait to see them again. These guys are incredibly tight, musically it’s hard to pick a fault with their performance on the night.


Stone Circle



Guitarist Scott Howe is clearly influenced by Eddie Van Halen but in no way comes across as a cliché imposter and has a style of his own. There is no denying the originality of this band and being relatively new to the scene I can see them going a long way with the right support. With loud, clean guitar, tight drums, groovin’ bass and of course catchy vocals, Stone Circle are indeed a hard act to follow.


The stage was set, and without any fancy introductions Babyjane got straight into it with a brand new track, ‘Make it Sick’, inspired by a section in Steven Adler’s [Guns N’ Roses] biography. Next up was ‘Demontonic’, one of many songs played tonight that are off the album. The set continued with more tracks off the album including one of my favourite tracks and one of the darker tracks on the album ‘Town Called Sinner Stone’.


Another new song played tonight was ‘Blonde Zombie’, a fast paced song with a bit of a Ramones style ring to it. It was then time to slow the crowd down for a bit, time for the bar stools and time for lead singer Andy Smith to trade his Les Paul for an acoustic guitar. ‘Four Rusted Egos’, another of my favourites off the album and a track that almost didn’t make it onto the album, thankfully it did. Although this is a slower song it’s not your typical ballad and I can’t quite put my finger on what it is about this track but it just works and was very interesting to see live. While the guys were down on stools and the acoustic was out they threw in a cover of ‘Used to Love Her’ by G’N’R, as Andy introduced it as a song that “would see who the real Guns N’ Roses fans were” they obviously weren’t about to play ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’, thankfully.



As the set came towards an end we were treated with another classic cover, this time another from the Sunset Strip Hollywood era in Motley Crue’s ‘Ten Seconds to Love’. I’m usually very hard to please when it comes to an original band playing covers at their own album launch, but let’s just say choice of songs goes a long way and the choice of songs that Babyjane opted for was good in my books. Had they have chosen ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ or ‘Enter Sandman’ it would have been a different story.




‘Twenty Too Many’, another song from the album, was actually written about ten years ago is always one of my favourites in a Babyjane live set and tonight was no different. Without any introduction it was time for Babyjane’s own “Youth Gone Wild” in ‘Are You Listening’ - and by watching the crowd’s reaction and participation in singing along had you been a Babyjane virgin you may have thought this song was a cover of a classic eighties track that everyone else knew except for you. If MTV was alive in 2011 as it was in 1983 this track would be all over it, and Dire Straits may have even written a song about Babyjane.




After a short break with some time to spare on the clock Babyjane invited members of support acts Stone Circle and Sure Fire Midnights up to help them out with a couple more covers, this time Aerosmtihs - Walk This Way and AC/DCs - Shot Down in Flames.

The Sure Fire Midnights' Kylie Soanes hurting a cowbell, Stone Circle's Harry belting out the lyrics to a rocking duet with Babyjane on Aerosmith's 'Walk This Way'



Babyjane with The Sure Fire Midnights' Lady Evil doing AC/DC's 'Shot Down In Flames'


From where I stood for the whole show I didn’t see one person leave to go for a smoke, or to go and do whatever it is one does while a live band is playing and that’s something that a lot of bands in Perth can’t claim that they have going for them. To have the attention of everyone in the room and keep them entertained for over an hour for a local band is a huge achievement. I have no doubt that these guys will not be a local band for much longer so if you haven’t seen them yet you are missing out. Get off the couch and start listening.


“Are You Listening” was mixed by legendary producer Michael Wagener (Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, Motley Crue and many more) and can be purchased exclusively through 100% ROCK at


Words - David Carruthers

Photos - Mandy Av, Awakening Vixen