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Can’t say I am fluent in Japanese, nor have I ever had a desire to be.  I also can’t say I have ever been someone to listen to music in a foreign language.  Maybe in a restaurant or on vacation, but only one disc has ever been in my collection that wasn’t sung in English.  Ligabue’s seminal classic Miss Mondo has been there ever since the lovely Jamie picked it up for me in Italy, when she visited during the beginning stages of our relationship.  Sorry, back on track…


Let me say, if you are a Slash fan and picked up either the deluxe version of his debut solo disc or one of the various international/import editions, you have heard the voice of Koshi Inaba.  He sang lead vocal on “Sahara.”  This disc sees him once again recording with guitarist and band mate Tak Matsumoto.  These guys are the stuff of legends.  In Japan alone, they have twenty four #1 albums, forty five #1 singles and were the first Asian band to have their handprints in the RockWalk in Hollywood, CA.  Speaking of connections with guitarists, let it be known, Tak is the only Asian to date to be given his own Signature Model Les Paul  from Gibson (1999).


I don’t understand many of the lyrics presented here, but being a rocker, I can forgive that and enjoy the music and the vocals.  How can I enjoy the vocals you ask?  Quite simple.  I can appreciate the melody and sound of the vocals – the harmony and layering.  These guys are doing something right.  Being one who doesn’t understand anything that didn’t come off of a Styx album, I really dig this disc and have taken it for many spins at work, in the car, even sitting around the house.


The rock components are solid – musicianship is top notch and the music keeps me interested.  This disc has prompted me to seek out other releases from these guys.  Hopefully I have convinced you to do the same, because not many “collections” are complete without something from these Japanese maestros.  What a good disc… check it out if you get a chance.


By Todd