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Adelitas Way
Home School Valedictorian



By Todd Jolicouer


There seems to be a common theme among bands recruited for the Carnival of Madness tour for 2011. Adelitas Way is no exception. These guys bounced into the summer of 2011 with a very strong effort. This song showcases not only strong song writing and solid musicianship, but the freedom main songwriter and vocalist Rick DeJesus has taken in collaborating with outside writers. The results are phenomenal and this CD is feel good fun from start to finish.


Disc opener “The Collapse” is anything but that. This thing comes charging at you like a locomotive, and into the chorus, it doesn’t sound like that train is slowing down any time soon. “Sick” begins with some cool guitar riffs and once Rick and the boys kick in, you know instantly why this song was chosen for the lead single position. The drumming here from Trevor Stafford is monstrous. Outsider Marti Frederiksen puts his touch on this great song. This song takes all the shit in every day life (being broke and bosses) that makes you sick and puts a spin on it and gives the listener an escape. ‘Laugh a little louder, love a little harder’ is the pre-chorus to the next song, “Alive.” This is one of those songs that reflects on how that special someone makes you feel. “Criticize” brings the intensity back up and charges forward with a simple song that keeps the mood light and fun.


This leads into “Good Enough.” This tells the story of someone who used to be perfect for another, but through time and change, their best was no longer good enough. A good love song that may help mend some fences and heal some wounds out there. “Cage The Beast” is one of the most aggressive tunes here. I love the solid backbeat and rhythm being presented by Stafford and Bassist Derek Johnston. Keith Wallen really lays a solid foundation with his guitar work in between verses and the choruses. This song really makes me move wherever I am. I really dig the groove of “I Can Tell.” This picks up where “Good Enough” left off asking what changed. Rick sings, ‘I can tell by the way when I’m holding you tight; something is wrong, no it’s never been right’ I had the privilege of discussing the next song with Rick. He told me during a conversation with a friend, he realized too many people look down on their own life, that they don’t realize how good they actually have it. ‘Life ain’t that bad, look what you have’ is a predominant line in “Somebody Wishes They Were You.”


“Move” takes us to the next phase of the listening process here, and the line is hazy, if you read the lyrics. Not quite sure if there is any hidden meaning to the lyrics, but musically, it is just a good song with solid rock components. Rick was quick to mention during a conversation that he had a blast writing the next song with friend Tyler Connolly of Theory Of A Deadman. They went out one night and were watching people, including themselves, get denied entry to a club and they decided to go home and write a song about the way people get fame for nothing. The result is the infectious tune “I Wanna Be.” Set closer “Hurt” is the sound of that train slowing as it heads into the station – chugging along, but solid nonetheless. What a ride this disc has been – you might want to buy a ticket for this ride.