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Frontiers Records




In the past I have had mixed experiences with Ten. I always felt that their albums promised so much more than they gave. But seeing them live it all comes together. So here I am anticipating an album that will really deliver. And as it’s been a while I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect so came into it with a really open mind.


What you get instantly is certainly a ‘big’ sound; the production gives a depth and breadth that adds a lot of punch to the songs.


‘Endless Symphony’ that opens brings a big, big sound to the table and instantly I’m not sure that Gary Hughes voice is big enough to compete with the sound Ten has created. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of Gary’s but the sound we have here calls for a bit more of a scream. It’s the same in a way with ‘Centre of My Universe’ musically it’s a great song and you just wonder what it would sound like with a real bellow and tongs singer behind the mike.


Enough of that though for this is a real return to form for TEN and despite my sounding a little critical (which is not my intention at all) this is a seriously good album. In fact you’d be hard pressed to find anything here you could describe as filler.


On ‘Book of Secrets’ the nail is hit firmly on the head with Gary’s Coverdale-like syrupy vocals the standout on a real winner- it’s a great song. Title track ‘Stormwarning’ too treads into Whitesnake territory, all very good as far as this reviewer is concerned and it gets better! ‘Invisible’ is probably the highlight of the album for me, coming across sounding like Hardline crossed with something I still can’t put my finger on!


On songs like ‘Love Song’ too the vocals are so slick you could almost forgive TEN anything! There’s a real Richard Marx feel to the song, but better than anything Marx recorded!  Similarly ‘The Hourglass and the Landslide’ is a lesson in great Melodic Rock with and AOR kick, you’ll all be singing to this one.  We close with the almost Enuff Z’Nuff styling of ballad ‘The Wave’. Very nice indeed.  


The album as a whole has a lot of later Rainbow to it, and that along with the Coverdale comparison place it somewhere in that space.


We enjoyed it and you should too. It’s not often you can say that the new album is the best thing a band with a history like TEN has done, but here you go: This is the best album TEN had done…


Mark with additional comments by Jo