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The Rock Pit - Hard rock, Metal and Blues Interviews, news & reviews from Australia and around the world


JANUARY 28st 2011




Some local bands are much more than just local bands, you can see it in their eyes and hear it in there music and taste it in the air at their gigs.


Perth at the moment is blessed musically. For a small city it has more than it’s fair share of bands, and a good number of great Rock Acts. Among those acts Diamond Eye is certainly a band on fire at the moment. Always a band to put on a great show they come across as the result of a bizarre cloning experiment involving the DNA of eighties Kiss and Metallica. There’s a power and a glamour to them, their stage moved are honed and there’s even flash bombs!


And here for their first proper release what do we get? A gatefold double-disc Live CD and DVD of their recent gig at The Civic in Perth! Now that surely is a statement of intent! Most bands dribble out a couple of EPs but that’s not for Diamond Eye, this is as close as you’ll get these days to Alive II as a first release!


For those of you that have seen a Diamond Eye show then they need no introduction. For those that haven’t then you are in for a treat…


Greg struts the stage like the love child of Dimebag and Gene Simmons; Chase throws his bass shapes for the ladies that would make James LoMenzo proud and Geoff kicks the hell out of the drums! And there in the middle Will holds it together like the Australian Paul Stanley (who may be looking at copyright infringement for those moves!)


Musically Diamond Eye is an interesting beast, treading the line between catchy rock melodies Kiss and say ‘7800’ Bon Jovi and the heavier riffing of Maiden and Metallica.


‘Been Away Too Long’ is a cool rock-it-up opener, and from there on in you are in for a bit of a rocket ride. From the classic rock melodies of ‘Tonight’; through the Priest meets Maiden meets Saxon ‘Atlantis’ all the way to the glorious sleaze of ‘F.U.C.K.’ It’s all great fun and you realise that this ain’t just a band these guys are showmen just looking for a bigger stage!


When you hear songs like ‘Machine’; ‘Sound of the Guns’ and ‘F.U.C.K.’ you just want to hear what they will sound like from the studio. I know the guys have some studio material under their belts too that is in the process of being mastered, that should see the light of day soon.  2011 should also see their first full-length studio release. Keep up to date with for more Diamond Eye news coming soon!


The CD/DVD launch is taking place at the Amplifier Bar, Perth city on 28th January 2011. You get a copy of the package with your entry fee. I suggest that you all be there…