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Shane Interviews Tony D, lead singer of



Much like the man he portrays on stage, Jim Morrison, Tony D of Absolutely Live - The Doors Show is an enigmatic and elusive man. Don't be fooled into thinking this is some kind of half-arsed Morrison-worship - Tony D is the real thing, and from all reports The Doors Show puts on as authentic and exciting a gig as you're likely to see from any tribute band!


Absolutely Live - The Doors Show is playing Friday March 4th at The Eastern and Saturday March 5th at The Charles Hotel in Perth. Be there to break on through to the other side.



SP: Hey Tony, thanks for talking to The Rockpit! Firstly, what is it about The Doors that made you want to create an act in tribute of them?


TD: Absolutely Live the Doors Show came into being in 1992 when 5 individuals decided that there was not enough representation of classic rock music in the live scene at the time. The members were in an existing cover band that already included some Doors numbers.

SP: How closely do you present the band onstage – both musically and visually?


TD: We create a stage show in full costume entirely devoted to the music and talents of The Doors ensemble. Visually , they say i do , then again it’s just an illusion


SP: What are your five favourite Doors moments?


TD: Too many, however meeting Ralf Harris after we performed live on Channel 9 back in ‘95 in Perth


SP: The Doors Show was active from ‘92 – ‘96, can you tell us a bit about what you achieved in that time?


TD: The Doors Show built up a nationwide following in the 90’s which resulted in regular and busy tour schedules, sometimes 5 shows per week.


SP: Why resurrect the band almost 15 years later?


TD: We decided to do it one more time, and bring Absolutely live the Doors back to recreate the energy that existed in a 60’s doors arena concerts so that the crowd can open their own doors of perception and thus feel a release of free and primal exhilaration through engagement with the music.



SP: I believe the reunion includes everyone from the original line-up – what do you all do outside of the band?


TD: Our lives are private


SP: Do you or any of the band members have original projects on the side, and if so can you tell us more about them – what are your major influences, describe your sound, etc?


TD: No projects, our sound and music encapsulates the essence of the psychedelic, but also the anger and the determination to change the world, to reach out and be heard, to incite change.


SP: Jim Morrison was big on opening the doors to perception, poetry and self destruction – do you see him more as a role model, or a fascinating disaster?


TD: He tested the bounds of reality and broke on through to the other side, however alcohol and drugs killed the radio star.


SP: What are your own personal philosophies on these things?


TD: I like seeing the sun come up every morning


SP: What do you think Morrison would be doing now if he were alive?


TD: Recording and writing poetry, then again the stage is a theatre where people come to see a show - sometimes you can never leave



SP: What do you expect to find on your 2011 journey?


TD: It called the unknown - that’s the way we like it


SP: Jim, Janis & Jimi are all forty years gone last year – what are your thoughts about the conspiracy theories surrounding their passings?


TD: All true, however with Jim Morrison I’m still not convinced


SP: Is this reunion a one off or a long term thing?


TD: The road is our driver, when we hit the crossroad I will drop you a line


SP: What are The Doors Show’s plans for 2011 – are you touring or recording?


TD: This is our first tour, we decided on Perth as Perth was our first ever tour back in 1992, so why not pick up where we last stopped and there’s more to come. If the Rollings stones can do it, heck why not us?



SP: Do you think there is potential for ‘tribute acts’ to release their own recordings – either a live document, or original material in the style of the band being tributed to?



SP: It seems every new generation of kids goes through a rite of passage with The Cure and The Doors – why do you think their music is so enduring and still relevant?


TD: It sets the night on fire


SP: Is playing in a tribute band a better financial prospect than slogging away in an original band?


TD: It has its ups and downs, ask me the same question in a year


SP: Which Doors song would you most like to have had a hand in creating?




SP: Have you ever visited Los Angeles and wandered around all The Doors landmarks, or been to Jim’s grave at Pere Lachaise cemetary in Paris?


TD: Jim's grave - Yes, Los Angeles -No


SP: There are tribute acts out there such as Beatallica (The Beatles done in a Metallica style) and Dread Zeppelin (Led Zep with an Elvis singer done reggae). If you had to create a mash up of The Doors, who would it be combined with?


TD: I would never do it out of respect


SP: Where’s the best place for fans to find out all the latest news from The Doors Show?


and on Facebook


SP: Finally, what for you is the Meaning of life?


TD: Is there any significance for life in a Universe of billions of stars that ignore us? Is there any significance for life in a Universe whose dimensions and nature overcome our understanding?


SP: Thanks for taking the time to talk to The Rockpit, Tony – we’re looking forward to seeing the gig when you get to Perth in a couple of weeks!



Shane Pinnegar