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Interview with Steve Haley of Haley, Ex Trashlight Vision


By Helen Hosie



As rockers go, Steve Haley fits the bill nicely. I first encountered Steve when he was a band member in Trashlight Vision. Sadly when the band parted ways we thought this would be the end, thank our rocking souls that it wasn't. Now doing well in The States and boosting a pretty large following
here in the UK, Steve Haley shows us he has fire and passion for what he does best and that is to entertain and give us a 100% rocking experiance. I thought it was time to have a chat with the man himself and here it is


HH x


All photographs courtesy of Steve Haley

Helen H:- Hey Steve, Welcome to The Rockpit. How have you been?


Steve Haley -Hey! I’ve been pretty damn good, but also pretty damn busy. No rest for the wicked!


Helen H :- Most people identify you from your time with Trashlight Vision. In 2009 you teamed up with Dustin Jude (The Percosettes) and Drew Bernier, to form your new band HALEY. Tell the readers of "The Rockpit" How this brainchild happened, Also what the band is about?



Steve Haley -Correct. Well, after Trashlight, I still needed to feed the creative beast that I am and perform coz it’s who I am. I wouldn’t be happy doing anything else. It’s cathartic - music helps to release the demons or desires we all battle with in life. I’m just lucky I was to team up with two talented, kickass guys like Dustin and Drew. They’re like bros to me.


Helen H :- Your album "Ef You Ceet " is awesome, My personal favourites being "Blacked Out" and "Devour". Tell readers about the making of the album, and what are your personal favourites ??


Steve Haley -Every song is my favorite. How can one pick when there is so much awesomeness? Do you ask a parent who their favorite child is, too? (laughs)…its “Hallowed”. It was a fun yet demanding album to complete. Staying up all hours of the night (or nights in a row), but I did have a muse… .STARBUCKS!


Helen H :- Man to my own heart, cant live without Starbucks. Do you feel that you have a stronger fan base in Europe as opposed to The States. if so why do you think this is ?


Steve Haley -Though I love all our fans from both continents, I do think Europe is more of a hotbed for the rock genre, at the current moment. Their focus seems to be more on rock…where as America has a broader variety of genres, and rock seems to be getting a smaller piece of the pie. But I can say one thing about all our fans, they’re dedicated…coz rock is a way of life!



Helen H :- You did "Trashfest" in July in The States, How was it for you guys and what were you highlights ?


Steve Haley -Well, aside from it being 109 degrees and humid as fuck, we had a blast. Mama Trash did a fantastic job and for those two days, everybody was like family and well taken care of by the lovely Mama Trash! So many well established rock musicians and not one ego in the entire place…cant wait to do another! Hmm, highlight….I’d have to say the Trashfest All Star performance, where at the end of the second day, members from each band switched out give the fans a one time special performance. So great to share the stage with such great personalities and get to cover all our favorite songs, as the finale.


Helen H :- You recently announced that you will be reforming with your old band "TrashLight Vision" for a Benefit show for Jonny Chops (Trashlight Vision & Wednesday 13 Drummer). This is going to be one kick ass show, and it is for a good cause, How excited are you to be joining Acey Slade and
crew again ?


Steve Haley: -Cant fuckin wait to have em on stage again! They’re great guys, great songs, and…gotta say it’s nice to just be a guitarist once in a while (laughs)



Helen H :-How is Jonny? Be sure to send him our love


Steve Haley -He’s getting along…he’s tough stuff and he’s got a lotta support and love! Thanks for asking.


Helen H:- Do you think there will ever be a permanent Trashlight reunion (please say yes, laughs )


Steve Haley -Ah…good question. Well, time will tell.


Helen H :- Fingers crossed. What do you personally think of the music industry as a whole, at the moment?


Steve Haley -There are an incredible amount of talented bands that don’t get the recognition they deserve. The internet is a double edged sword- it gets musicians on their legs, then runs those legs over with a Mack Truck!



Helen H :- Throughout you musical career, Who have been your influences and inspirations?


Steve Haley -Definitely Peter Steele of Type O Negative, he’s been a huge influence for me…also, gotta hand it to Keith Richards of the Stones, David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Hanoi Rocks….there’s a ton.


Helen H:-What are you listening to at the moment?


Steve Haley -Well, in preparation for the memorial benefit show we’re doing for the family of Peter Steele at Dobbs in Philly, in October, there’s a lot of Type O songs.


Helen H:-Out of all the other musicians you have worked with,Who would you rate as your favourite??? also who would you sell your soul to work with? (laughs)


Steve Haley -Aw, I don’t think I could decide. There’s been too many awesome musicians I’ve had the pleasure to work with… off the top of my head, Ric Ocasek, guys from Backyard Babies, damn there’s so many! And… Keith Richards maybe? That guy has got the skills and the stories!


Helen H :- Your doing shows in The States at the moment, Do you have any plans to visit the UK any time soon?


Steve Haley -We sure hope to visit soon! Love it over there, always a blast!


Helen H:- What direction would you like to take "Haley" in 2012?


Steve Haley -That’s for me to know and you to find out ;) Wouldn’t want to spoil any surprises…I like to keep fans on the edge of their seat.


Helen H ;- Now some question for fun!!!! If there was one band you could throw in the trash, Who would it be and why? (laughing!!! as I have one I would gladly can haha)


Steve Haley -Justin Beiber…how can that kid make $35 million in a year for what he does?


Helen H:- Agreed. If rockers had super powers, what would yours be? (laughing)


Steve Haley -Whaddya mean if? (laughs) I’ve got quite a few…but if I told ya, I’d have to kill ya! (laughs)


Helen H :- (laughs, Intrigued now ) Everyone one has a song or album that has got them through a rough patch, Have you got one?


Steve Haley - 'There’s Gotta Be A Morning After (pill)' by Maureen McGovern. Haha, Nah, actually it's gotta be 'Bloody Kisses' by Type O Negative. It was the first time I'd experienced the intensity of how music can affect you. The music coming outta those speakers mirrored what I felt inside.


Helen H:- Before we finish up, Have you anything you want to add, or a message to your fans and the Rockpit readers?


Steve Haley -I really do love my fans and thank ya all for your support. HALEY wouldn’t be possible without you guys!


Helen H :- Well thanks for your time. always a pleasure Steve


Steve Haley -Always a Pleasure too, Helen.