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By Helen Hosie


US rockers Burn Halo have definitely earned a place in my playlist, It all began when I first listened to their debut self titled album "Burn Halo" in 2009, which hosted a firm fan favourite "Dirty Little Girl", i was musically and lyrically in awe with what I heard. Now they're back with the release of there second album "Up From The Ashes" with the track "Tear It Down" I was left speechless, (and people that does not happen that often). James Hart and fellow band mates definitely have there sound hitting us
hard all over again. Taking time out of their tour schedule front man James Hart kindly gave
us this interview



RP:- For the people who don’t know who Burn Halo are give us the history of the band


James Hart:- I started what became BH in March of 2007. 18 Visions had disbanded and was putting together 2 final shows. I wanted to continue to make music and tour. I got together with a song writer and wrote andrecorded an album that was potentially going to be a solo deal. I decided against it and put the band together. Bassist Aaron Boehler is the only member left from the original lineup I had put together. From there I got Joey Roxx on lead guitar. We went through a few member changes in the first year of tour, but guitarist Brandon Lynn has been with us for 2 years now and drummer Dillon Ray is going on his second year with us.


RP:- Following the success of your self tiled debut album in 2009 which featured fan favourite “Dirty Little Girl” Now your back and hitting us hard with the release of your new album “ Up From The Ashes”, Can you tell the readers a bit about the making of the album, and what are your favourites to perform????



JH:- This was our first full collaboration as a band. It really showcases our personal musical influences as well as showcases the talent the guys have as writers and musicians. As for playing the songs live, we love the heavier more aggressive stuff. Songs like "I WON'T BACK DOWN", "TEAR IT DOWN" & "DAKOTA" are great.


RP:- You guys have been on tour for a bit in the US, How’s things going and where has been your favourite place to play so far ?


JH:- We always have great shows in the Chicago area. Houston and Dallas are really great for us well. We just did a great show in Phoenix too. Things are going great and we look to continue to build momentum.


RP:- Any Plans for an Australian or UK tour ?



JH:- We just did our first press over in the UK with Metal Hammer and Classic Rock. We have songs on those cd samplers they give out. We hope that generates some interest over there. We will definitely look to get on some festivals next year and take the UK by storm.


RP:- Are there any bands around that excite you at the moment ?


JH:-The new Foo Fighters album is amazing. We always love what Avenged Sevenfold does from album to album and their live show is great.


RP:- In your own words and thoughts , People need Burn Halo in their music collection because... ?????


JH:- "UP FROM THE ASHES" is a full collection of music. Not just one or two good songs. There is no filler and the album has more than just rock appeal. It has much more of an edge to it than most of our peers.


RP:- You have quite the female following, have you had any strange happenings, gifts, stories etc ,from over amorous fans?


JH:- We get a lot of baked goods. We are in fear of them. We call them "Puss Cooks" or "Pussy Cookies."


RP:- Who is main lyricist on the album ?


JH:- I wrote 100% of the lyrical content.


RP:- What were your main inspirations and influences during the process of making “Up From The Ashes “ and how do those inspirations differ from what had inspired you to make the previous album?


JH:-We were inspired on this album by bands like the FooFighters, Metallica and even Bring Me the Horizon. From there, just about everything in between.


RP:- Can I ask how you see the metal/Rock scene at the moment? It’s in my personal opinion the UK seems to embrace the rock/metal genre with more passion than say the US. What do you guys think?



JH:- The UK has always had more passion. For the most part, if you don't have a complete album, you are measured by what your one or two songs are doing at radio. We don't want to be that band and there are so many of them out there. We don't want to get thrown in to that category. And music fans don't buy albums anymore because most albums are worth the $1 per song they are charging. Fans can just go buy the one or two songs I had just talked about. There is no passion or connection in one or two out of ten songs. Bands need to dish out a full album to be successful.


RP:- If there was one thing you would want Burn Halo fans to know about you guys, what would it be and why ?


JH:-We take all aspects of what we do seriously. Most bands don't.


RP:- Not only does the new album sound raw and rocking, we have also noticedan image change Mr Hart, I am writing on behalf of many, many female fans when I ask - why did you cut your hair?


JH:-This is such an odd question and surprisingly has come up a bit! I've had short hair my entire life. I grew it out for 3 years and got over it. It just wasn't me.



RP:- If you guys were stranded on a desert island, and could only have three things with you, what would they be and why?


JH:-My girl (she's a mean cook and drop dead gorgeous), TV (need a foundation), Directv satelite (need to build on that foundation and I would have NFL Sunday Ticket).


RP:- What is your motto in life?


JH:-Proverbs 3:5-6


RP:- What’s your plans for the remainder of 2011??


JH:-Drowning Pool tour in Aug-Sept and then more tour, tour, tour.


RP:- Finally if I had to describe Burn Halo in five words they would be RAW - PASSIONATE - ROCKIN' - INTENSE and SEXY. In five words how would you describe yourselves?


JH:-Passionate, humble, hard working, under the radar, and genuine.


RP:- T hanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to chat with us and on behalf or myself and The Rockpit Team we wish you guys all the best with the remainder of 2011


JH:- Thanks Helen