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By Helen Hosie

August 2011



Never before have I got flustered, but the self confessed DEVIL that is in the guise of "The Last Vegas" front man Chad Cherry does just that, he gets me flustered. WHY???? I don't have a clue. Chicago based rockers "The Last Vegas " consisting of Chad Cherry, Adam Arling, Danny Smash, John Wator and Nate Arling, certainly know how to rock and show an audience a good time. It's time to lock up your daughters -Chad Cherry is about!


Before you read this interview I wish to share a recent status Chad wrote and for me this summed up exactly how he feels about his fans.


Chad Cherry :- Facebook Status 11/08/2011


"I am here to give fans of Rock 'n Roll music something to believe in. I am here to fill a void in life (for you and myself) with our music, and I also want all of you to know that you can always count on me. ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!! Now turn that shit up and get crazy. LET 'S ROCK THE FUCK OUT !!!!!!!


Love and Respect, C.C"


Helen H :- Hey Chad, Welcome to The Rockpit, this must be history - an interview where the person I am interviewing has me flustered, you definately are the devil (laughs) How are you????


C.C. Well. I'm allllllright (laughs). Peachy.




Helen H :- Tell the readers about " The Last Vegas" and how the band came about ????


C.C. The Last Vegas formed out of the ashes of 70's rock-n-roll and punk rock music. We were probably the only guys from our small town high schools that had Iggy and the Stooges records. With the need to destroy everything safe musically, we found each other on the streets of Chicago and went from there.


Helen H :- The band's first major label debut album " Whatever Gets You Off" was released on Eleven Seven Music, which Motley Crue legend Nikki Sixx, is president of. He also produced the album. What was it like to work with the man himself ?????


C.C. Obviously, Nikki is great. He worked on a few songs with us on the"WGYO" record. Always a pleasure working with talented song writers. Sixx has great ideas and is a blast to be around. Twisted and brilliant.


Helen H :- As stated in the last question the album was released under the label of Eleven Seven Music are you satisfied with the promotions and support provided by them so far ????


C.C. Certain aspects. Sure.



Helen H :- Where did the inspiration come from for the video " Whatever Gets You Off" ?????(for those who haven't had the pleasure of seeing this video, its very BDSM orientated )


C.C. Inspiration for that vid came from the wicked souls of TLV and our friend that directed it, Sxv'Leithan Essex. We are sick freaks really. We wanted to take it further, and probably will in the future. I think if we could've gotten away with it, we would've made it XXX.


Helen H:- (laughs) "The Last Vegas " have quite the UK following, so I ask on their behalf - Have you got any plans for a UK tour in the foreseeable future?????


C.C. We are gonna be releasing a single and video for "The Otherside" in the Fall. Probably drop around Halloween. Then we tour. As for the UK... If you are hoping for a TLV invasion - Get ready!


Helen H :- Has there been an album regardless of genre, that has had a profound effect on your life ????


C.C. There's a lot of albums that effect me actually. (Too many to name) I like all genre's of good music. But I'll have to say a record that has had a profound effect on my life would be "Love It To Death" by Alice Cooper. It's just untouchable. I've been inside those songs my whole life.


Helen H :- Very good choice. In the past you have supported acts as Motley Crue, AC/DC, Buckcherry and Papa Roach. How valuable were those experiences in terms of the future career of "The Last Vegas", and what are your memories from those gigs ?????



C.C. Touring with the biggest bands in the world is always an incredible experience. Beyond words. Anybody that's in a rock-n-roll band would understand that it's an honor. I'm proud of the guys in my band. We work hard, and because of this, we get to do great things and make great friends with our hero's. As for the memories.. Those are mine. I must keep somethings to myself. For now.


Helen H :- Through out rock history there has been many flamboyant and enigmatic front men, that ooze sex appeal and charisma. In my personal opinion you do this very well Mr Cherry. Who have been you influences and inspirations through out you career ????


C.C. I like to live in my own world. And I like to tart it up. The world can be a very numb place at times, so I like to make people actually feel something. Whether I scare you, make you wanna dance, sing, get crazy or I make ya wanna fuck. It's my duty. I'm influenced by reaction and change. And Cheap Trick.


Helen H. * Flustered * Talking about influences, which other bands shaped "The Last Vegas" Whom would you name as the bands main inspirations?????


C.C. Naming a main inspiration is like asking what your favorite letter is in the alphabet. Loud noise inspires us haha... Let's see, I'll say: Muddy Waters.. Or Black Flag.


Helen H :- If there was a movie made about your life who do you think would be best suited to portrait you? Better still, who do you think could fill those leather pants as well as you do ????? (laughs)



C.C. Well my life has been pretty nutz so far, and I have a lot of craziness to still get into. I feel like I'm just getting started. I'd say that whoever the actor is that can fill my leather pants needs to understand how foolish of a role he's getting himself into.


Helen H :- I agree. Many artists are taking to writing their autobiographies. Is this something that you have thought about doing??? I think this would be a very interesting read indeed ???


C.C. I'm still too young to have an autobiography written about me just yet. I'd have to become a politician or either a highly trained assassin to fill up a chapter. Even though, I do feel like I have lived several lives in my existence so far, but there's still a lot more to come. (Singing) "Doing the garden, digging the weeds, who could ask for more? Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I'm sixty-four." Haha! Maybe if I live long enough to be that age I'll be ready for a book.


Helen H :- What has been the biggest regret in your life??? Your best experience in life (so far) and what's been the worst???


C.C. No regrets. Still experiencing. And what hasn't killed me, has made me stronger.


Helen H :- What's the best song you've ever written to date ????



C.C. I'm not sure if it's the best song I've ever wrote but, I have a place in my heart for "Just One Look." The recording isn't exactly how I wanted it and I could do the vocals a lil' better looking back on it but I'm still pleased with the outcome. It was a very new song when we tracked it and we had very little time to get it done. The song is real. It's how at felt at the time about dealing with pain and exposed bone.

Helen H :- You have a very good relationship with your fans and recently started a Facebook page called "Ask Chad Cherry". Have you had any questions that have been etched in your mind forever??? (laughs)




C.C. I love my fans!!! I have the wildest, most creative, out-of-control beautiful fans. And I encourage them. I heard a (big) band say "All of our fans are hicks, so we write stupid music for them." I was appalled by their banality! Music fans can see through the bullshit. I write music for people so they can use their imagination and get creative or inspired. Not to keep them in one place. The best part of life is finding out new and exciting things. Now that I'm completely off the questions subject ha. There has been a few "Ask Chad Cherry" questions that are etched in my mind only to give me nightmares. Some of you guys and gals are crazy freaks! I love it! More! More!!!


Helen H :- Tell the readers of "The Rockpit ", when Chad Cherry isn't slipping into those tight leather pants and hypnotising male and female fans alike with his devil stare, what do you do to kick back and relax????


C.C. I watch horror movies.


Helen H :- Name three albums regardless of genre that you just couldn't live without ?????


C.C. It's more like 300 but, let's see, off the top of my noodle I'll say:
The Sisters of Mercy "Floodland"
Stevie Wonder "Innervisions"
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion "Plastic Fang"

I really just said the first records that came to my mind... I like too many cool bands to narrow it down to 3... Tough question.



Helen H:- We are fast approaching the end of 2011. What plans do "The Last Vegas " have for 2012 ????


C.C. Release singles and videos, put a new TLV record in the hands of the people, tour extensively, ruin your hearing, save your soul. In that order.


Helen H :- Before we wrap this interview up, have you got any words of wisdom for your fans?????


C.C. Smart people ask questions. And I'll throw this in there too while I'm at it... IF YOU CAN'T BE GOOD... BE BAD.


Helen H :- On behalf of myself and The Rockpit Team I would like to thank you for taking time out for us. Keep doing what your doing and that Mr Cherry is absolute Fucking ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!


C.C. Cheers.


All photos used courtesy of Chad Cherry