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H.E.A.T is a Swedish rock band who formed in 2007. Since forming they have released 2 albums (another album is soon to be released), three singles, gained a new lead vocalist, toured Europe. They have also opened for the likes of: Alice Cooper, Edguy and Sabaton. They’ve played at Melodifestivalen for the annual Eurovision song contest, where they qualified for the final round with the song 1000 miles.



TH: On behalf of the Rockpit and myself, I want to thank you guys for taking the time to do this interview

CRASH: We're just glad to be of any help!

TH: How would u describe H.E.A.T to someone who is unfamiliar with the band?

CRASH: In 2007 a common interest in good rock music made six young handsome fellas start H.E.A.T. We have so far toured Europe, Japan, USA and we're working on our third album

TH: I have noticed the name H.E.A.T is separated by full stops, is it an abbreviation for something or just another way of spelling HEAT?

CRASH: H.E.A.T is short for something but it's a band only secret. We'll reveal it someday but not today!

TH: How did you guys meet and get together?

CRASH: Most of us know each other through music studies. We spotted our vocalist Erik Grönwall when he won the Swedish edition of the TV-show American Idol.

TH: When you all first got together what were your intentions?

CRASH: To become one of the greatest acts and give people a little light when it's dark.

TH: It has been six months now since the new vocalist Eric Grönwall joined the band.. How is he settling in?

CRASH: Erik was born to do this! He has given a lot of new energy into the band, and he's just as crazy as we are so we're happy to have him onboard!



TH: You all had a busy year last year with the launch of the new album “Freedom Rock” Where did you draw the inspiration for the songs and who writes the majority of the songs?

CRASH: Freedom Rock is about how things were, how things are and how things should be. Dave and Jona writes most of the songs but H.E.A.T is like Queen, one of those bands where songs can come from any band member as long as its good enough.

TH: What is your favourite song from the album and why?

CRASH: My personal favourite is "I Know What it Takes". It's a good cruzing song for hot summer days

TH: I have noticed that the ‘sleazy’ image of 80s melodic rock seems to have a huge following over in Sweden with so many new bands releasing albums. What are your thoughts about this? How do you see and think about the music scene over there?

CRASH: Young people didn't experience that sleaze/glam rock Wave in the eighties so now they bring it back by starting bands of their own, inspired by Skid row, Bon Jovi and Journey. Many of the bands are younger then we are.

TH: You toured Europe last year and played Firefest with two other great Swedish rock bands Reckless Love, and Crazy Lixx, with so many Swedish rock bands around nowadays, do you relish the competition to push you harder?

CRASH: A bit maybe, but we're pretty much doing what we've been doing since the start, making good music for good times.



TH: What are your thoughts of playing such a big venue like Firefest?

CRASH: Firefest is unique and amazing. It draws its crowd from all over the world, making it an important place for bands like us who always want to expand our fan base in new parts of the world. Like Australia!

TH: Do you think there is a difference between European and UK gigs and audiences?

CRASH: All countries in Europe are different. Crowds in Spain and Italy are crazy, crowds in France and UK are more "normal" haha.

TH: Do you have a routine before you go on stage? Are you superstitious?

CRASH: We have a warm-up song to get our blood pumpin’ before stage. But it's just Swedish rubbish:) We're not superstitious, more exited!

TH: Any funny stories you can share with us whilst on tour last year?

CRASH: When we played in Italy a fan invited us to his home for home-made pasta haha!

TH: Who are your inspiration in music?

CRASH: Nickelback, Queen, Whitesnake, Billy joel, Max Martin..

TH: What music are you listening to at the moment?

CRASH: Signal with Mark Free, good stuff!

TH: What does ROCK mean to you?

CRASH: To forget about worries, do the things you wanna do, be yourself, be good to others, and enjoy life!

TH: So what are H.E.A.T’s plans for 2011?

CRASH: To finish and record our third album. When it's released we're heading out for our greatest tour ever. We have big plans for the future!

TH: Do you have any future plans to tour Australia?

CRASH: Definitely someday! But it might take a while. Be patient fellow Aussie rockers! Keep supporting us and we'll get there quicker!


TH: And finally, what is the meaning of life?

CRASH: No idea! Let me know if you find out! :p

TH: I would like to wish you guys all the best for the future and hope to see you this end of the world sometime, any last words for us at the Rockpit?

CRASH: Thank you! Join our Australian street team on myspace and keep checking every now and then for news and info about the new album! Peace and love!.…



Crash and H.E.A.T



Tanya Hadlington spoke with Crash from H.E.A.T. March 2011

Editing by Mark