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Coldspell is just one of those bands that when you finally hear them you immediately wish you'd heard them sooner. Blending a Classic Rock sound drawn from the seventies and eighties, with some blazing guitar and great songs, it just makes great rock and roll. Check out reviews on any number of sites and you'll realise that this is a band to reckon with and one you simply must hear!


Photo by Lee Kutt


Mark: Hi Micke, thank you for taking the time to speak with the Rockpit.


Micke: Hi there Rockpit, the pleasure is mine.


Mark: We first head of you when a friend in the US sent us a copy of your first album ‘Infinite Stargaze’ a couple of years ago but you’ve been around since 2005. Tell us a little about how you got together?


Micke: I guess it started some years before that too, felt like the timing was right for this little brainchild of mine. The songs and ideas was there so it was jhust to have the right bunch of rockers in the band and officially we become a band in 2005, we had some new members over the years but in 2008 we signed with Escape-music in UK and finally released the Infinite Stargaze album in february 2009. Guess we all had been playin together in different coverbands, tributebands and all that stuff.


Mark: Infinite Stargaze reminded us of those really classic hard rock acts like Rainbow and Purple – you managed to pull off a sound that so many try and fail to do, were the songs on that record with you for a long time before recording?


Micke: I did grow up with that 70’s and 80’s hard rock so it’s always been the natural thing for me. Some songs been around for a while and some not so I guess it has to do with my musical herritage how the songs sound like, haha. We had the opportunity to have Tommy Hansen (Jorn, Helloween, TNT, Pretty Maids….) do the mix of the album and he sure did put his magic hands on them songs on.


Mark: Now that the new album is out were there any particular songs on that CD you think standout?


Micke: What I heard from people around ‘Heroes’ and ‘Time’ seem to get a lot of attention but on the other hand I hope that everyone finds there own personal favourite. If you ask me I think that the title track stands out.


Mark: The critical feedback was pretty good for a first album, were there any comments by reviewers that really stood out for you? Were you pleased overall by the reception?


Micke: Yeah I think overall it was mostly fantastic reviews, better than we ever could have imagined. Lots of words like – the album of the year and stuff like that and we ended up on several album top lists for 2009 and at some websites even “The album of the year” and that was absolutely fantastic.





Mark: We always like to ask bands what influences them, we assume that Deep Purple might be on that list but who else do you feel has shaped you as musicians and maybe helped form your sound?


Micke: Yeah I still remember when I heard the ‘Made in Japan’ live album from Purple, I still get goose bumps ha ha! I Have to mention bands like Black Sabbath in with all those line-ups, Rainbow, Whitesnake, and of course the mighty Thin Lizzy, Dio, MSG, Judas, Montrose, Budgie, and one of my favourites King´s X. I also think that all those magnificient metal bands from the 90´s and in the new millenium have sure inspired me a lot too, but I think what’s best is that I’m still curious and like all kinds of hard rock and metal. If I have to mention some guitarists that meant a lot I have to say Jimi, Ritchie, Schenker and maybe Satch!


Mark: We love the new CD, but there is definitely a sense of progression from the first CD. The songs have a little more complexity and the structures are a little less straightforward, are you happy with the overall sound of the album?


Micke: I sure am and im so thrilled to have these 2 new guys in the band Anders and Per, they sure inspired me a lot and it really feels like the chemistry is 100% at this point. I mean the new drummer joined the band one month before the recording started so it was kind of panic to get this thing going. He sure is some kind of drummer; he nailed those 12 songs in about 2 days.


Mark: How do you personally feel the sound has changed since Infinite Stargaze?


Micke: I think the sound is bigger and a bit heavier and that’s just how I wanted it to be but I still think it’s the same kind of melodic hard rock with a touch of metal and some progressive stuff.


Mark: Tell us a little about the writing process. Was there a general theme to the album?


Micke: No there was no theme but I had about 25 songs to pick from so it felt important to have some kind of variety in tempo and keys and keep them in the same melodic hardrock style.  


Mark: Who comes up with the ideas? And how do you handle the song-writing?


Micke: I’m the songwriter, do all music and most of the lyrics but Niclas the singer did the lyrics on this album to a couple of songs. Also my wife is involved in this lyrics thing. I already have started to go through all those new crazy ideas for the next album, I have my cellphone full of songs and ideas, ha-ha!


Mark: It sounds like we won’t be waiting too long then. You’ll soon be as prolific as bands used to be! 



Photo by Lee Kutt



Mark: If people were going to download a couple of songs to get a real flavour of the new album, what would they be?


Micke: I think if you have ‘Heroes’, ‘Run for your life’, ‘The King’, ‘Out from the cold’ and ‘Time’, then I think you have what its all about , maybe.


Mark: We’d rather suggest they buy the whole album, but you know the kids these days! How supportive has Escape Music been to you and what is the long term aim for the band?





Micke: We signed with Escape in 2008 and I think they do a good job, have good distribution that is very important, and they do nice promotion work too. They have an option on one more album and after that we will see what future brings.


Mark: How has the reaction to the new CD been so far? Any different to the debut?


Micke: I think the reaction have been as good as with the first album and I think that these two albums complement each other and hopefully give the fans what they want.


Mark: One of the songs on the new album ‘Seven Wonders’ we understand, dates back to one of your earlier bands that you played in with Anders, when you played with one of the guys from The Poodles? Tell us about that?


Micke: Yes that song we recorded in -96 I think it was with the band R.A.W. that was the continuing story of the Swedish band Dalton. Both me and Anders where members of RAW and also the drummer from the Poodles “Kicken” was in that band too. We decided to have that song on this new album and give it another try when the Raw albums was released in a time when melodic hardrock did not get that much attention and also some kind of statement that we are back together in the same band after all those years!


Mark: ‘The King’ is one of our favourite songs on the album; it’s a very touching song that we understand is dedicated to the real King – Ronnie James Dio. Tell us a little about that one?


Micke: Thanks, as in the Eye of the storm from the last album this song has my heart and soul at 100% , its emotional and a dedication in this case to the maestro Dio but is written not just for that purpose , it could also be a song to a father/mother , brother / sister or a very close friend and I already had some comments and email about that song , someone that did loose his brother way the early and he did find some comfort in that song and that makes me honoured and proud.



Photo by Lee Kutt



Mark: Tell us about the line-up change between the albums. You have a new drummer and bassist for Out from the Cold. What happened? And how did it influence the writing?


Micke: As I mentioned earlier Anders and Perra have made this band to a solid unit and im so greatful to have these guys rockin in ColdSpell. The bass player and drummer that was in ColdSpell earlier left the band at spring 2010 and there are no hard feelings , they just did not have the time to put in the band due to families and work situation.


Mark: Where'd did he find Nicholas (vocalist) he’s got a great voice?


Micke: Yeah he have a voice that many could die for J , we talked a couple of years earlier to do something and finally the timing was right , it sure feels like a fantastic chemistry between the songs and the way he sings, he sure give these songs what they need.


Mark: I hear that when not on Coldspell duty some of you play in cover bands? What sort of things do you play?


Micke: We use to do that but not anymore , there´s no time for that anymore. Me and Niklas was playin in a hard rock coverband playing all kinds of great new and old stuff, some Europe, Dio, Whitesnake, Talisman, Ozzy and all that. Perra have been playin in a cover band but also been playin with most of the Swedish top artists around.


Mark: We imagine that a Coldspell show would be something special and a little different from your average Rock show. What could we expect from you live?


Micke: You will have some killer songs and the pedal to the metal from the beginning to the end J.


Mark: What are your touring plans remainder of the year?


Micke: We have done plenty of shows and we are planning the comin fall 2011 and are comin up with some dates abroad and some support shows both in Sweden and around in Europe. We are also about to maybe come up with a few dates in US in a near future but we will keep you updated about what to come


Mark: Is there any chance of any shows in the U.S. (We’ve got some very eager readers!)?


Micke: As I said – we will see, haha


Mark:  If you could have been involved in the creation of any piece of music or album at any point in musical history what would it be and why?


Micke: One night at the opera with Queen , what a brilliant piece af art. I mean who would not like to do that Bohemian Rhapsody live, the ultimate challenge.


Mark: And the easy question we always end with: ‘What is the Meaning of Life?’


To sees the day , look forward and not backwards!



Photo by Lee Kutt



Mark: Do you have a final message to Coldspell fans, or the curious?


Micke: We will continue spreadin the word of ColdSpell and there are so many of you out there that we want to meet and we sure do our best to make that happen.


Peace Luv and Hardrock to ya all





By Mark Diggins

Photos courtesy Micke Coldspell and by Lee Kutt where noted


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