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photo by Brian Lee

When you first hear the name 36 Crazyfists you automatically think of the famous Jackie Chan Kung Fu movie, well…Up until 17 years ago maybe!! That is when an Alaskan band was born that made it their mission to kick ass!

Now after 17 years of pure metal, gathering a huge fan base and producing six albums: 36 Crazyfists draw crowds from around the world with their fabulous performances.

TH: Hi Brock, Thanks for chatting to myself and the Rockpit team.

BL: No Problem.

TH: First of all, the band’s name comes from a Jackie Chan movie; I’m intrigued to know which band member came up with that name and is he a big fan of Jackie Chan?

BL: Steve Holt, Guitar player came up with the name and yes he is a fan of Jackie.

TH: The band has been going for 17 years now and accumulated a huge fan base from all over the world, do you feel you have finally made it to where you want to be? Did you think you would get this far when the band first formed?

BL: It feels good to be at it this many years later, very grateful for our fans and the people who have helped us along the way. I never thought we would get out of the garage..;]

TH: You are from Alaska, but now based in Portland Oregon, when the bandfirst formed, how difficult was it getting shows in Alaska and is there a good music scene there today?

BL: Well I’m actually back home in ak and have been since 2003, i lived in Portland for a few yrs though. It wasn’t too hard to get shows here back in the day, there has always been a really cool music scene here and the support for it locally is outstanding.

TH: You have played at download festival in the UK for the last 4 years now, you must still get a buzz when you play to thousands of fans at such big venues, can you describe that feeling?

BL: Download is kinda like the most epic grounds for a rock and roll dream, its what you strive for and I’ve loved being a part of the fest for the 4 years we were invited. the feeling is one big ball of nerves that follow you right up until the first stroke of electricity hits the air, then you just kinda get into autopilot and relax like its a normal everyday show, just with thousands more people in front of you..;]

TH: How can you compare the fans from the UK to other countries you have played at?

BL: Well the UK has been the most loyal group of people for us outside of Alaska, but Australia has been there for many years too and It has been a pleasure playing in both countries.

TH: I guess over the years you have some great memories of festivals and venues you have played at, does anything in particular stand out? Any funny stories you can share with us whilst on tour?

BL: Boy after all these years of touring they all kinda start to mesh together but ill say that i have seen things i never dreamt i would and its been one helluva ride.

TH: Where is the best gig you have been to and played at and why?

BL: Probably right here at home in the Egan centre, we play at home about once a year and the turn out and support is tremendous and i feel so proud to be an Alaskan and have our home town folks rock out with us.

TH: If you could create a festival stage, which 3 bands would u invite to play and why?

BL: Metallica, Deftones, and Faith No more, because they all inspired me to become a singer and create music

TH: You released your sixth album last year ‘ Collisions and Castaways’ am I right in saying its based on your emotions over the years? can you tell us a little about the album? Where was it recorded and who wrote the majority of the songs?

BL: The album is based on my life’s journeys and how i developed from them and how i have taken steps in my life to stay away from a lot of the topics in the songs. We wrote as we always do with Thomas {drummer} and Steve {Guitar} writing all the music and myself writing all the lyrics with the exception of a couple collaborations. We recorded in Portland, Oregon with Steve Holt producing the album again and Andy Sneap mixing in England.

TH: Both the ‘Tide and Its Takers’ and ‘Collisions and Castaways’ have a harder, heavier approach than the albums before them. Is that more of a result of the band changes or the label and production changes, or a combination?

BL: Just What we were feeling during the makings of those albums, there Heavy for sure but I think we still kept our melodic roots that i feel are very important to the band.

TH: Which is your favourite song from the album and why?

BL: Mercy and Grace I think is my fave song for the mere fact that it is a testament to my wife in a way and how she has enhanced my life in a tremendous way.

TH: When you guys are off stage, what do you like doing in your spare time? Brock, I know that you like fishing, do you still get chance to do that?

BL: Yeah I fish as much as I can when I’m home in the summer, we’re all into different things, I love the outdoors, Hockey and hanging with my family pretty normal I’d say.

TH: Who are your inspirations in music?

BL: James Hetfield, Chino Moreno, Mike Patton, Jonah Jenkins, Chris Cornell, Layne Staley...The list could go on......

TH: How do you see the rock scene of today? I' m asking this because more and more 'new' bands are releasing great albums, but, also, some of the so called 'old' bands are
back with some very good comeback albums!

BL: Not sure, I like the classics and I don’t pay attention to too many new bands, although the new Times Of Grace album is Amazing and i love it.

TH: What have been the best and worst moments of your long career?

BL: The best have been meeting all the cool people in bands and the fans at the shows, I'd say the worst would have to be the time spent away from friends and family while touring my ass off..

TH: Where do you see yourselves in another 10 years time?

BL: I see myself as a family man, creating music in some capacity still, living in Alaska and feeling happy to be alive....

TH: If you were to create a cocktail of the band 36 Crazyfists, what would you put in it?

BL: A lil Woodford Reserve , a lil Jager, few splashes of Redbull....Heavy Hitter!!

TH: And finally, what do you think is the meaning of life?

BL: The meaning of life for me is to be worldly, respect one another and try most things at least once

TH: Brock, I would like to wish you and the other band members all the best in the future, and we look forward to seeing you here at Soundwave in Perth Australia, any last words you would like to say to us at the Rockpit?

BL: Stoked for the soundwave and thankful to all Australian fans, thanks for the interview as well....peace.


Tanya Hadlington spoke with Brock Lindow March 2011

Edited by Mark Rockpit