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Thanks to Oli Hebert, guitarist extaordinare of All That Remains for taking time out of his schedule while on the Share The Welt tour with Five Finger Death Punch



ToddStar: Let me thank you in advance for taking the time for The Rockpit. We really appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule for us.  Your releases seem to drop every two years. Can we expect new music soon?



Oli: Yes, we plan to return to the studio in April for a mid year release.



ToddStar: Your last three CDs charted in the US and seemed to get stronger in the charts with each new disc. All of the singles from your latest also charted Top 30. Some bands claim the charts aren’t important to them – how do you guys stand on this?



Oli: It is important to get our music out to as many people as possible. I believe we are on the line of what is acceptable on the radio and I hope we can continue to make our brand of metal into peoples lives.



ToddStar: If you found someone who was not familiar with the band, how would you describe the sound of All That Remains?




Oli: Melodic metal.



ToddStar: You guys seem to like the results when Adam Dutkiewicz produces your music. What do you think he brings to the table and adds to the All That Remains mix?



Oli: Adam is able to capture our depth and adds certain element of nuance. He carries out our best intentions.







ToddStar: You are currently touring with Five Finger Death Punch. How is the tour going? Do you find you are winning over crowds that may not be familiar with All That Remains?



Oli: This is the best tour I have ever been on. The crowds are very receptive to us and it is a great way to end our tour cycle.



ToddStar: You have toured with some great bands in the past. If you had to pick a couple bands that you would WANT as tour mates, who would they be and why?



Oli: I would love to tour with Avenged Sevenfold. They are an amazing live band that really goes all out with both their performances and show. We have played a few festivals with them and they bring a level of excitement to the crowd that has been missing lately. I would also love to tour with Faith No More. We played a festival with them in Milan a couple years back and is was probably the most sonically pleasing event I have witnessed. I like what they represent to the music community. They are a cult band with enormous renown, much like Rush, and have always forged their own path.






ToddStar: If there was one piece of music in the history of time that you wish you were a part of (written it, sang on it, were in the room when it was recorded), what would it be? Why is that piece of music significant to you?



Oli: I wish that I created "A Night on Bald Mountain" by Modest Mussorgsky. It is one of the most evocative pieces I've ever heard and is featured in the movie "Fantasia". In the movie, a great demon is atop a mountain on Halloween night and is hurling fire at his skeletal and ghoulish minions. I have aspirations to do film scoring and I love music with powerful imagery. Much of my influence comes from fantasy and the occult and this piece perfectly merges the two.



ToddStar: As we approach the holiday season, The Rockpit wants to know if you are on the Nice or Naughty List. If you made the Nice list, what do you want underneath the tree this year?



Oli: I'm nice until its time not to be nice. I would like a magical muse to assist me in the writing of the next album.



ToddStar: What is the meaning of life?



Oli: Fulfillment.



Thanks again for taking the time out and we look forward to All That Remains rocking 2012 with a new release.




By Todd Jolicoeur